Roadside services

You're making a long journey. The advice is to stop roughly every 2 hours. So where do you plan your break? Do you need to use a toilet, have something to eat or refuel? Or will a stretch of the old legs and a bit of fresh air do?

The Irish motorway network has fast growing number of service areas, much of which has been down to operators progressing with their own schemes to go alongside those that have been officially proposed by the government. As services areas are a relatively new concept in Ireland, the distances between sites can be quite haphazard in places, particularly as official guidelines only call for a site to be provided every 100km (60 miles).


What to expect

Motorway service areas in Ireland generally follow the UK design concept: an amenety building provides toilets (some with showers) and a number of fast food and cafeteria options, usually involving major high street brands.

Spearate to this is a petrol filling station with a small shop. During the quieter overnight periods, this is sometimes the only part of the services to remain open, with people directed from the main building if they need to use the toilet, grab something to eat, etc.

The general facilities provided at each service area is shown on the appropriate route map for that motorway. If you would like more detailed information (such as what brands are available), our friends at Motorway Services Online have all the information you need!



All service areas are signposted in advance on the motorway. Warnings usually occur at 5km, 2km and 1km beforehand, with the 5km sign also stating the distance to the next services.

Services are signed either with blue or brown tourist-style signage. This depends on if the service is an official site located alongside the motorway (blue), or if it is a privately built site located next to a junction (brown).

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