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The island of Ireland has a fast expanding road network. Over the last few decades, the number of high quality routes - both motorway and trunk routes - has grown considerably both sides of the border.

The majority of these routes radiate on the two capital cities, Dublin and Belfast, although some routes do cover other parts of the island, particularly in the west and around Cork.

Mótarbhealaí has been created to show these high quality routes, with maps that detail junction layouts and services information. We've also created a page deatiling most of the traffic signs that you are most likely going to come across.

So whether you are making that trip sometime in the future, or you are merely wanting to find out more about a particuar road, Mótarbhealaí is here to provide you with more information.

So whatever you are wanting to take a look at, we hope you will enjoy perusing through the website and find it useful.